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Building Purposeful Ventures, with Moov's Wade Arnold

Episode Summary

This episode delves into Wade's journey from growing up in Davenport, Iowa, to selling his first company, to founding Moov, a FinTech venture driven by his passion for technology and community. Wade's entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to open source, and focus on redefining profitability underscore a narrative of purposeful innovation and community empowerment in the world of finance.

Episode Notes

This episode delves into the journey of Wade, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and community building.

Growing Up and Early Influences: 
Wade shares insights into his upbringing in Davenport, Iowa, and how being the third of four boys fueled his drive for entrepreneurship. His love for biking and computers started early in life, shaping his interests and hobbies. Wade's transition from a bike shop enthusiast to a tech professional is explored, highlighting his experiences with BMX and programming.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

Despite early interests, Wade initially aspired to work in a bike shop. However, his experiences there, coupled with his knack for technology, laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey. Wade's venture into FinTech stemmed from his experiences at Adobe and his desire to revolutionize traditional banking systems. He shares the inception of Moov and its focus on building robust, cloud-based infrastructure.

Embracing Open Source and Community: 

Wade emphasizes the importance of open-source contributions and community collaboration in Moov's development. He discusses the ethos behind Moov's brand and its commitment to empowering developers.

Challenges and Opportunities: 

Wade reflects on the challenges of rebuilding infrastructure from scratch and contrasts Moov's approach with traditional legacy systems. He highlights the potential for innovation in addressing underserved markets and redefining profitability. Wade shares admiration for non-traditional leaders like Rick Moliterno, emphasizing the importance of community and customer-centricity in business.

Pursuing Purpose: 

Wade concludes with insights for aspiring founders, urging them to stay true to their initial motivations amidst the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

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