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The Importance of Creativity and Risk-taking, with Sharda Caro Del Castillo

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dan Rosen talks to Sharda Caro Del Castillo, who shares her compelling journey from her family's immigration to the United States to her globetrotting childhood and how these experiences shaped her into a global citizen. She discusses the significant risks she took throughout her career, transitioning from law to tech and finance, and her time at companies like Silicon Valley Bank, PayPal, Square, and Airbnb. Sharda emphasizes the importance of creativity, risk-taking, and dreaming big, while also highlighting the need to align personal values with a company's mission and culture. Her reflections on her career, family influence, and current pursuits in philanthropy and advisory roles provide valuable insights for aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

Episode Notes

Global Perspective and Resilience:

Career Risks and Pivots:

Importance of Mission and Culture: